Craft:Swedish Step Stools

This sweet little bench is based off of a Swedish design from the 1800's. It is perfect for getting you to sink height for brushing your teeth (if you are a kid) or putting your feet up and relaxing (if you are a grown-up). If you are a grown-up, you can also stand on it to reach the things that get hidden on the top shelves of your kitchen cabinets. It combines sturdy construction with splayed legs for stability. There is a cutout in the top for easy carrying.

This stool, and the others like it, is handmade by me in small numbers in a garage workshop. No industrial CNC machine here. Unlike some other children's benches I have seen, this one is not held together by staples or other pnumatically-driven fasteners. Instead, the legs are attached to the top with a sliding dovetail joint for security. The sides are glued and held tightly in place with beech dowels.

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All work by Stephen MacLellan
Cambridge, MA 02140
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