When you have too much stuff

you just need to build more places to put it all, right?

It would seem that’s the theory I am working with. I’m almost (almost, almost, almost) finished with a media cabinet/credenza/sideboard to hold the stereo, cd player, record player, and records, plus whatever else we can fit in it. That will open up a lot of desperately-needed bookshelf space, a valuable commodity, indeed.

The picture above is an in-process picture, before I built the doors or painted anything. I’ll be finished in the next couple of afternoons, after I put the final coat of paint on the doors and drawer fronts, put stops behind the drawers, coat the top with polyacrylic, screw the knobs onto the drawers and doors, and attach the hinges. A mere nothing. This has been a slow project, with many steps.

Almost done, though. Almost done. 

It’s not that I don’t like cats…

It’s an idea for a math project, I swear!


I am trying to think of lots of fun math-related activities and projects to do with elementary students, and this popped into my head when I was thinking about making rockets. 

No cats would be harmed or attached to rockets, it’s just the idea of launching the cat that matters. If one rocket is lifting x pounds, then how many rockets would you need to lift the weight of a cat?

After doing a little research, it turns out that a few cats were used in space flight tests by the French in the 1960′s. They sent a Parisian stray named Felix, who made it back alive. Lucky Felix.

Making some more things…

So, it has been a while since I have posted anything up here. There has been a lot of general busyness, but now I have some down time until my next job starts, so I can make some new things.

After making that first little stool, which was a present for a friend, I decided to make another one. It’s only a couple of hours and not too much money, so why not? You can always use a little stool, right? This one is almost entirely the same design, just a different side apron design, a little fancier.



Little project…

Last week, I was working on a little stool for Heather, and it is almost done. I just need to finish sanding it, and then I think she is going to paint it some nice color. The design is based off of a 100-year-old pattern from the Naas model series, and was in Swedish. These patterns were used in a late 1800s Swedish educational program for woodworking called Sloyd. For me, it was a good excuse to practice some handtool skills and play around.

A view of the sliding dovetail that connects each of the two legs to the seat of the stool. In the end, this joint gets covered with the horizontal cross-piece.

A detail of the decoration on the legs, before it gets sanded… 

The farm


A quick sketch of a farm in winter, based off of a photograph of my brother’s. I think that there is a starkness to winter that is quite beautiful. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I don’t like the other seasons. But there is something there during the winter that just isn’t any other time of the year.



A little while ago, we were at Wendys for a mid-shopping fuel-up.  At the table behind us, a little kid was eating with his parents.  He said these exact words, so I can claim no credit for being creative with the dialogue.

Snowy Day


Today, it snowed all day.  I love how the snow makes everything so soft and quiet, even in the city.  There are the familiar sounds of plows and car tires on slush, and the slow falling sound of the snow.