It’s not that I don’t like cats…

It’s an idea for a math project, I swear!


I am trying to think of lots of fun math-related activities and projects to do with elementary students, and this popped into my head when I was thinking about making rockets. 

No cats would be harmed or attached to rockets, it’s just the idea of launching the cat that matters. If one rocket is lifting x pounds, then how many rockets would you need to lift the weight of a cat?

After doing a little research, it turns out that a few cats were used in space flight tests by the French in the 1960′s. They sent a Parisian stray named Felix, who made it back alive. Lucky Felix.



A little while ago, we were at Wendys for a mid-shopping fuel-up.  At the table behind us, a little kid was eating with his parents.  He said these exact words, so I can claim no credit for being creative with the dialogue.