Tiny pictures

This summer, I took an excellent class for teachers called “The Science of Art, the Art of Science”. It was run through both the deCodova Museum and Mass. Audubon’s Drumlin Farm, which was a great collaboration between the perspectives of art and of science. Besides thinking a lot about integrating the two this year, I also got a fun toy out of it! To help us look closely at things, they gave each of us an 8x loupe. One of the first things I tried with it was putting it up to the lens of my phone. It worked surprisingly well.

You can buy a loupe like this on Amazon. I really like the one I have because the rubberized grip and housing lets you hold it on your phone easily and at a set distance. The focus works best when you’re about an inch away from the thing you are trying to take a picture of. Who needs a macro lens when you’ve got a magnifier for your phone camera!

2013-08-26 13.41.48 2013-08-26 13.56.50 2013-10-04 14.57.41 2013-10-24 16.04.32chart tv screen wool blanket sheepskin wicker chair thyme bulb wheat fibers gingham pins loupe

Beach Closeup from Stephen MacLellan on Vimeo.

Lil’ bug’s lil’ closeup from Stephen MacLellan on Vimeo.

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