We like to move trees around


H and I put up our little silver tree tonight, so it is starting to feel like Christmas season. I am genuinely glad that I don’t work in retail, because those poor people have been listening to non-stop Christmas carols since before Thanksgiving, and they must be sick of it. I am mean, and don’t want to get a real tree just yet. Probably by the end of the week I’ll relent, but until then, this is what we have.

We have seen lots of people bringing their Christmas trees home this weekend: big ones on cars, a little one on the roof of a Mini Cooper, some being walked, and even one carried by a biker. That’s how you know you’re in Cambridge.

Speaking of things carried on bikes, H and I went to the Taza chocolate factory on Saturday. There were boatloads of people there, all shuffling along in the crowded space, entranced by the ever-present chocolate aroma. This was no Willy Wonka, unfortunately. No river of chocolate. No soda that makes you float. No oompa loomas. That’s all for the better, though. I was worried I would fall in and get sucked up one of those tubes.

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