A home for things!

After finally comandeering a car large enough to transport this behemoth, it is here, in my apartment! There was a ding to one of the doors while getting it into the elevator, but that can be painted and it just gives it some character.

It is fun to see it all done and in the space, after thinking about it in my head for all this time. I started designing it back at the beginning of June, and I’ve been working on it off and on since then. I started by seeing how big my stereo and cd player were, and worked around these dimensions. Then I made a picture in SketchUp, to be able to turn the thing around in 3D.

And the design has come some since then. It got doors, more drawers, and different legs. I was originally thinking of making the legs with pipes for a kind of modern look. We saw a table that had pipe and plumbing part legs at the Full Moon resturaunt in Huron Village, and I thought that was pretty cool and tried to incorporate it into this project. In the end, it didn’t seem right for this, but it will probably happen with something, eventually.

Look, there’s stuff inside!

And records, too! 

We now have an entire extra bookshelf in one of the cases, which I filled up immediately, mostly just shifting things around, but there were a lot of books sitting in piles around the apartment. We have a lot of books.