When you have too much stuff

you just need to build more places to put it all, right?

It would seem that’s the theory I am working with. I’m almost (almost, almost, almost) finished with a media cabinet/credenza/sideboard to hold the stereo, cd player, record player, and records, plus whatever else we can fit in it. That will open up a lot of desperately-needed bookshelf space, a valuable commodity, indeed.

The picture above is an in-process picture, before I built the doors or painted anything. I’ll be finished in the next couple of afternoons, after I put the final coat of paint on the doors and drawer fronts, put stops behind the drawers, coat the top with polyacrylic, screw the knobs onto the drawers and doors, and attach the hinges. A mere nothing. This has been a slow project, with many steps.

Almost done, though. Almost done.